Investment Philosophy

Our focus and primary purpose is to identify tax efficient assets within the United States, targeting distressed and under-valued retail/commercial properties with the intent of generating high yield returns with minimized risk for our investors.

Our Investment Philosophy will remain conservative, yet, given the existing market climate, an element of bullishness is required. As opportunistic buyers, our intent is to acquire added value properties, which are in need of renovation/redevelopment and/or lease-up. Accordingly, each transaction shall be assessed when presented and a determination of the contemplated time frame and investment return will be analyzed thereby allowing each potential investor to determine participation as the risks are typically higher - as are the returns - than when investing in stabilized properties.

Stabilized properties, offering a conservative cash-on-cash return on investment will also be pursued. Its acquisition and hold is imperative to balance the historical cyclical risks common to the industry.

Although our current investment focus is on retail/commercial properties within the State of Florida, we continue to assess opportunities in other geographic locations throughout the United States as well as other assets comprising residential, office, flex/industrial and land development.

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