The Opportunities Ahead

The economic slump and credit implosion of recent years within the United States has and will continue to require banks and other lending institutions forced to retain non-performing assets and real estate owners who find themselves over leveraged to liquidate substantial real estate holdings.

Conversely, over the last decade Canada has experienced exponential growth in real estate values to the extent that real estate investment has become almost unattainable for the majority of individual investors.

The steady strength of the Canadian Dollar over the US Currency in recent years has afforded Canadians an added reason to look to its neighbor in the South as a home for strategic investment. The United States is a resilient power house that will certainly recover from its present day economic woes!

In recognizing the present day niche opportunities, Secured Equities Corporation has been formed to merge Canadian Investment Dollars with US Assets. In pooling financial resources, individual investors can participate in a diversity of asset acquisitions and equity ownership that would otherwise be reserved for institutional buyers and/or sophisticated individuals of substantial means.

As a newly formed entity, Secured Equities Corporation seeks to establish a long-term proprietary relationship with its investors thereby affording such "first growth" partners the opportunity to participate in future pipeline opportunities. Our mandate is to provide our decades of tandem expertise in identifying and acquiring properties with hidden value. Our duty is to remain transparent and accessible to our investor partners. Our pledge is to conduct ourselves with integrity always striving to ensure our "equities" remain "secured" for generations that follow.

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